Dancing with passion and vigor amidst chilling wind at the Magistrate's Cup Dancing Championship



The "2008 Kinmen County Magistrate's Cup & National Dancesport Championship" kicked off on a high note at Kinmen County Stadium in the afternoon of December 7. It is estimated that about 150 "expert dancers" from 13 counties and cities across Taiwan gathered at the venue to pit their dance moves against other contestants and show off their healthy and vibrant energies. Despite the chilly weather, the heat on the dance floor simply couldn't be higher. The event also attracted a large audience of dance lovers at the venue. All events, along with the award giving ceremony were held at night.


The championship commenced at 1:00 P.M. at Kinmen County Stadium where contestants in each group competed in the preliminary round, followed by the second round and final round. The opening ceremony that started at 4:00 P.M. was hosted by Kinmen County Chief Secretary, Lu Chih-hui, and attended by guests of honor including Director of Kinmen County Stadium, Hsu Huan-Sheng, Jincheng Township Representative Council Chairman, Chen Tien-Cheng, National Dance Association Vice Chairman, Wang Yun-wen, Yu Cheng-cheng, Kinmen County Sports Association Secretary, Hsin Lei-ta, Kinmen County Dancesport Committee Chairman, Huang Tien-lai, Staff of Chif Chen Shih-yao and Deputy Staff of Chif Wang Chien-yu along with dancers from 13 counties/cities across Taiwan including Taipei City, Taipei County, Kaohsiung City, Kaohsiung County, Keelung City, Taoyuan County, Taoyuan City, Taichung County, Miaoli County, Chiayi City, Pintung County, Yunlin County and Kinmen County, whom have come together to compete and make new acquaintances through the event.


Magistrate Lee Chu-feng was unable to attend the event as he was caught up with official affairs in Taiwan. On his behalf, Secretary General Lu welcomed all contestants from Taiwan and encouraged them to fraternize with fellow dance enthusiasts from Kinmen. He added that 2008 marks the 7th year of the Kinmen County Magistrate's Cup & National Dance Championship and that the event has jumpstarted the trend of dancing in Kinmen County.


The Secretary General complimented Kinmen County Dancesport Committee Chairman, Huang Tien-lai, and Chao Peng-ying represented Kinmen to participate in the dance event under the mixed division at this year's National Games. The duo managed to win the gold medal for Singles Modern Tango with their adept and perfect moves. Secretary General Lu thanked Chairman Huang's effort for international standard ballroom dancing in Kinmen to take roots from zero and gradually thrived. At long last, dance becames a widely popular sport in Kinmen and dancers from Kinmen and Taiwan proper deserve all the credit for their support and promotion in order for dance to become the pride of Kinmen.


Chief Secretary Lu also took the opportunity to welcome dance enthusiasts from Taiwan proper to visit Kinmen in their spare time so as to promote the local tourism industry and facilitate Kinmen's prosperity.


Jointly organized by Kinmen County Council, Kinmen County Government, Kinmen Sports Association and the Office of Legislator, Chen Fu-hai and hosted by Kinmen County Dance Committee under Kinmen Sports Association, contestants that took part in the dance championship include dancers from the host Kinmen County along with nearly 150 international standard ballroom dancers from 12 counties/cities in Taiwan. Items in the championship include Modern Dance, Latin Dance, Waltz, Tango, Cha-cha and Rumba. Contestants were divided into groups of Professional Rising Star A, Professional Rising Star B, Professional C, Amateur A, Amateur B, Middle Age A, Middle Age B, Beginners, Advanced Beginners, Evergreen Dancers, College Students, Adult Social Singles to compete in over 34 dance items. The panel of judges didn't miss out any action as they demonstrated their techniques in the exciting performance items, which won enthusiastic applause from contestants and audiences alike.


Donned in glittering and revealing costumes, the female contestants flaunted their sexiness through their dances. The masterly dance techniques and moves by professional dancers were another eye-opener for the audience. Regardless of dances, be it Waltz or Tango for the Modern Dances or Jitterbug/Cha-Cha/Rumba for the Latin Dances, the contestants danced gracefully to the music and concentrated fully in their dances. Paired dancers moved in perfect, synchronized movements as contestants pitted their techniques and elegant postures to display their healthy energies. The contestants' graceful movements and refined dance techniques caught the eyes of all audiences and elicited generous applause and cheers from them. Although the weather outside was harsh and cold, the heat within the stadium definitely warmed the hearts of everyone at the venue.


The event turned out to be a big success and concluded at 6:00 P.M. with the winning contestants receiving their awards from the organizer.The contestants also promised to meet once again in the following year's event.


  • 金城分銷處
    金門縣金城鎮民族路90號 金城分銷處地圖
  • 金湖分銷處
    金門縣金湖鎮山外里山外2-7號 金湖分銷處地圖
  • 金沙分銷處
    金門縣金沙鎮官嶼里官澳36號 金沙分銷處地圖
  • 金寧分銷處
    金門縣金湖鎮武德新莊118號 金寧分銷處地圖
  • 烈嶼分銷處
    金門縣烈嶼鄉后頭34之1號 烈嶼分銷處地圖
  • 金山分銷處
    金門縣金城鎮民族路92號 金山分銷處地圖
  • 夏興分銷處
    金門縣金湖鎮夏興84號 夏興分銷處地圖