Jyuguang Tower 莒光樓


Jyuguang Tower is located at the eastern suburb(1) of Jincheng downtown. It is one of the famous landmarks of Kinmen. The tower was built in 1952 and completed the following year. In order to commemorate(2) the bravery and glory of the soldiers who participated in battles in Kinmen, General Hu Lian gave orders to build this tower. The tower was also named after the story of "Don't Forget the Time at Jyu" based on late President Chiang Kai-shek's philosophy to enhance military morale. The tower has a magnificent look and modification of a traditional city wall tower. The three characters on a wooden tablet bearing the tower's name were written by Lai Sheng-ming, a war hero of the Daerdan battle. The tablet is hung on the tower's top floor. On October 25, 2003, this tower was open to the public again in a brand-new aspect. On the first floor a multimedia profile of Kinmen is presented. The second floor provides the panorama(3) of geographical and ecological Kinmen, and the third floor is a showcase of Kinmen during the wartime.
莒光樓位於金城鎮東邊郊區,是金門縣的地標之一。莒光樓建於民國四十一年(西元1952年),並在民國四十二年(西元1953年)完成。當年胡璉將軍為表揚官兵,並且實踐 先總統蔣介石先生「毋忘在莒」的訓示而興建此樓。莒光樓以仿古城樓式建築,外觀雄偉、氣宇非凡。樓前「莒光樓」三個大字,是當時大膽戰役英雄賴生明所題。民國九十二年十月二十五日修建後,重新規劃使用並開放參觀。樓內規劃一樓為多媒體影片觀賞;二樓介紹金門的地質景觀;三樓則展示當時國共戰爭的歷史照片。

Jyuguang Tower faces the estuary(4) of Wujiang Brook, and overlooks Lake Jyuguang. The scenery around it is very attractive. From the top floor visitors can have a bird's-eye view of downtown Jincheng, the ebb and flow of Wujiang Brook, Lieyu Island(Little Kinmen), and catch a glimpse(5) of mainland China just a short distance away. Jyuguang Tower was adopted as a motif(6) for domestic stamps many times between 1959-1964. Needless to say, this tower is a landmark building as well as an eye-catching scenic spot in Kinmen.

Tourist: Wow! What a beautiful building!

Tour Guide: Yes, it is. This is "Jyuguang Tower", one of the famous landmarks for sightseeing in Kinmen.
Tourist: What does the name of Tower mean?

Tour Guide: The first character "Jyu" which has the same meaning with "Wu Wang Zai Jyu"(Don't forget the time at Jyu) inscription(7) on the summit(8) of Taiwu Mountain is historically meaningful. The second character "Guang" means glory in English.

Tourist: What's the historical meaning, though?

Tour Guide: Well, in ancient China a general called Tian Dan recovered his homeland from the hands of invaders at the stronghold(9) city "Jyu", using a last-ditch(10) strategy. So this story was related to strengthening military morale in a war zone like Kinmen.

Tourist: I've got it.

Tour Guide: After redecoration this tower was open to the public again in a brand-new d?cor(11) on October 25, 2003, the day of commemorating the "Guningtou Battle" of 1949. On the third floor several precious pictures of the war are preserved.

Tourist: This is beautiful, and what a lovely view!

Tour Guide: Sure. On the balcony of the top floor you can see the whole downtown Jincheng and the mouth of Wuchiang Brook. To catch a farther glimpse of view from there, you can even use the binoculars on both sides. Little Kinmen and Chinese mainland are close at hand.

Tourist: I can't wait to enjoy such a wonderful scenery around here.

■1. suburb-(n)郊區;近郊住宅區。
■2. commemorate-(vt.)紀念;慶祝。
■3. panorama-(n)全景、全貌,概述。
■4. estuary-(n)河口;海口。
■5. glimpse-(n)一瞥;瞥見。
■6. motif-(n)主題;中心思想、基本圖案。
■7. inscription-(n)銘刻、銘文,刻印文字。
■8. summit-(n)山頂;山巔。
■9. stronghold-(n)要塞、堡壘。
■10. last-ditch-(adj.)堅守最後防線,拚死抵抗的。
■11. d?cor-(n)室內裝潢;裝飾。

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