Little Kinmen小金門(上)


Little Kinmen is also called Lieyu. It measures 14.851 square kilometers in area. Little Kinmen lies 2 miles or so away from Kinmen proper.(1) If you travel there by boat, it takes about 15 minutes. The island still preserves a taste of farming tranquility,(2) and it has many old military facilities remaining for tourists. Moreover, among its famous food specialties(3) are taros(4) and peanut candies in bamboo leaves.

  Jiougong Tunnel is also called Sihwuei Tunnel. Its waterway has a shape of a "Double T". The tunnel measures about 790 meters in total length, and consists of five auxiliary(5) tunnels and four entrances. It can accommodate 52 boats or so. Dug in 1961, the tunnel had the main function of military supply transportation during wartime. In 1961 Kinmen National Park Administration took over the tunnel from the military and opened it to tourists in 2001. At the same time, a tourist center was set up to provide travel information and service for tourists here.

When traveling to Little Kinmen, visitors can never skip the sites of Victory Monument and Victory Gate, because they are on the way to town and are considered the two most awe-inspiring(6) symbols of the forward-most frontline. During the August 23rd Artillery Battle in 1958, the Communist army fired hundreds of thousands of artillery shells on Little Kinmen. The monument and the gate were thus established in commemoration of(7) victory in battle.

Passing the most prosperous Dongling Street of Little Kinmen, visitors will arrive at Bada Tower. When the troops moved in and were stationed in Little Kinmen in 1933, they built the tower right in the middle of the island. The tower was built in memory of seven brave soldiers who fought against the Japanese enemies at one of the gates on the Great Wall in China. They were outnumbered(8) by the Japanese army and were all killed after several days.

Hujingtou War Museum was built in 1989. Inside the museum there are pictures and historical data about the September 3rd Battles, and the Dadan & Erdan Battles. Also displayed are our weapons used during August 23rd Artillery Battle. At the very end of the walkway in the museum, many hi-fi(9) binoculars are provided that visitors can use to view the scenery on the opposite Xiamen coast. On the wall outside the museum, there is a relief(10) sculpture about the August 23rd Artillery Battle.

Located in Cingci village of Little Kinmen, Chaste(11) Maiden Temple is also called Immortal(12) Fairy Temple where Wang Yu-lan (the Immortal Fairy Wang) is worshiped. Madam Wang was from Xiamen. In 1954 when she went to the seashore to get oysters, she was accosted(13) by some Communist soldiers. As she resisted them sternly,(14) the soldiers took off her clothes and drowned her in the sea. Then her body drifted to the coast of Little Kinmen. After learning of the chaste deeds of Madam Wang, some residents of Little Kinmen volunteered to spend either money or labor and they built the temple for people to worship her.

■1. proper-(adj.)本身的。此處Kinmen proper指金門島本身,也就是烈嶼距離金門本島2公里遠的意思。
■2. tranquility-(n)安靜、寧靜,穩定。
■3. specialty-(n)特產、名產。
■4. taro-(n)芋頭。
■5. auxiliary-(adj.)輔助的,從屬的。
■6. awe-inspiring-(adj.)令人心生敬畏的。awe就是「敬畏」的意思,inspiring是「激勵人心的」。
■7. in commemoration of-紀念。
■8. outnumber-(vt)數量上超過~。
■9. hi-fi-(adj.)高傳真的。
■10. relief-(n)浮雕。亦指痛苦的緩和或減輕。
■11. chaste-(adj.)貞潔、純潔的;高尚的。
■12. immortal-(adj.)不死的,神仙的。
■13. accost-(vt)搭訕,引誘、勾引。
■14. sternly-(adv)嚴厲、嚴格的。



  • 金城分銷處
    金門縣金城鎮民族路90號 金城分銷處地圖
  • 金湖分銷處
    金門縣金湖鎮山外里山外2-7號 金湖分銷處地圖
  • 金沙分銷處
    金門縣金沙鎮官嶼里官澳36號 金沙分銷處地圖
  • 金寧分銷處
    金門縣金湖鎮武德新莊118號 金寧分銷處地圖
  • 烈嶼分銷處
    金門縣烈嶼鄉后頭34之1號 烈嶼分銷處地圖
  • 金山分銷處
    金門縣金城鎮民族路92號 金山分銷處地圖
  • 夏興分銷處
    金門縣金湖鎮夏興84號 夏興分銷處地圖