Mini-Three Links-Golden Routes to Grow in Popularity



A delegation from Kinmen Travel Agent Association joined forces with a delegation from Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau and held "Million Tourists To Travel Across Strait" promotion presentations in Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin, Jinan, etc. They received warm responses. Local travel agents in northern China expressed interest and willingness to organize tours to Kinmen and then to Taiwan from there. They all believed these were diversified(1) and convenient golden routes. The prices were cheap and the itineraries(2) were rich in variety as well as flexibility.

The first objective of the promotion presentations, put together by the delegations from Kinmen Travel Agent Association and Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau, was to promote the "Million Tourists To Travel Across Strait" activity and corresponding incentive(3) measures. The second purpose was to recommend nine excellent routes to travel in Fujian in the hope of attracting more Mainland Chinese as well as Taiwanese tourists to take their cross-strait journeys through Fujian.

The tourism organizations and businesses have recently worked together and designed 10 interesting routes for people from outside Fujian Province to visit Kinmen, Mazu and Penghu and then travel to the Taiwan Island. Five of these routes were designed to go through Fujian in order to shorten the time for people who would like to visit for business purposes as well as tourism but are on a tight schedule. The other five routes are longer, going through Fujian to Kinmen, Mazu or Penghu and then to Taiwan. They are suitable for senior groups with no time pressure and leisure travelers.

According to Deputy Director Chen Yangbiao of Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau, the varieties and reasonable prices of these new travel routes are obvious. They are cheap and cover all the major attractions in Fujian as well as Kinmen, Mazu and Penghu. Plus, there are many Mini-Three Links connecting flights and boat rides for visitors to choose from. Using the air-sea joint transportation operation to travel to Taiwan definitely has its advantages.

Kinmen Travel Agent Association particularly explained at the presentations on "How to Travel in Kinmen", including application procedures, as well as the special features of travel and local specialty products in Kinmen, to help Mainland Chinese travel agents target their customers and organize tours. Hopefully, this will attract Mainland Chinese people to join tour groups to travel to Kinmen and to Taiwan from there as well as to boost tourism business in Kinmen.

Kinmen Travel Agent Association expects to continue to work with Fujian Province and Xiamen City to apply more joint-marketing measures through strategic alliances. It intends to use Kinmen's unique geographic location on the "cross-strait tourism" market, utilize(4) Kinmen's advantage as the midway point for two-way travel packages by emphasizing "Travel in Kinmen, Have Fun on Both Shores". The here-to-fore(5) "Look at Kinmen from the Sea" itinerary will become "Get on Kinmen Island and Look around". There will also be the extended itineraries through the new "Fujian-Xiamen-Kinmen-Taiwan" golden cross-strait travel routes under new brand names that will go on working hand in hand to market, expand and develop clienteles(6) outside Fujian Province. The result will be multi-wins and mutual benefits on the "Fujian-Xiamen-Kinmen" tourism market. Once the connection with major tourist clientele sources in China is established, the tourism business in Kinmen will develop profoundly and move up to a new plateau.(7)

■1. diversified-(adj.)多變化的、多元化的。
■2. itinerary-(n)旅程、路線;旅遊行程規劃。
■3. incentive-(adj.)刺激的、獎勵的;亦可當名詞,指刺激,動機,鼓勵。
■4. utilize-(vt.)利用。
■5. here-to-fore-也有拼為heretofore者,意指「迄今為止」,「在這以前」,「直到此時」。
■6. clientele-(n)顧客;訴訟委託人。
■7. plateau-(n)(上升之後的)穩定水平、水準或時期。