Dreams come true: The President Educational Award Goes to Chen Xue-Guan



Ministry of Education announced the winner of the President Educational Award of 2009. There were 46 people being awarded. Chen Xue-Guan from Zheng-Yi Elementary School in Kinmen County placed first in the elementary group.

Chen Xue-Guan was the only student being awarded in Kinmen County. As the news was released to the newspaper, all the teachers and students of the Zheng-Yi Elementary School shared his excitement. Chen Xue-Guan hopes that he can do better, and become more capable of helping and caring for others.

Chen Xue-Guan, a sixth grader(1) at Zheng-Yi Elementary School, is especially outstanding in language, literature and art. Born into a single and new immigrant family, he faced many adversities(2) with courage and diligently pursued painting and writing.

The reward of the President Educational Award is 100 thousand NT dollars. Chen Xue-Guan has decided to use the money to help with(3) family expenses so that his mother, HE BAO-PING, would feel less pressure. In his eyes, his mother is an angel. He hopes to work harder in the future so that his mother will see his great achievements.

In the process of selection, Principal Chen Shun-De and Instructor Huang Xiang-Mei gave him a lot of help so that his strong points could be noticed by the judges. Chen Xue-Guan appreciated their attentiveness,(4) concern, and guidance. Chen Shun-De thought that the President Educational Award was the best graduation gift for Chen Xue-Guan. He hopes that Chen Xue-Guan will work even harder after entering junior high school. In addition, Huang Xiang-Mei thought that although Chen Xue-Guan is good at many things, he still needs to be confident and determined so that he can perform even better.

Chen Xue-Guan also thanked the visiting members, who, although made him extremely nervous, taught him one important lesson-one should always be well-prepared when facing opportunities.

With regard to(5) Chen Xue-Guan's performance, his classmates Chen Xiao-Rong, Chen Jin, Chen Sheng-Ye, Chen Yu-Jun, Chen Ming-De considered him as a person who is very diligent in(6) learning, and active and willing to help others. Chen Xue-Guan appreciated his classmates standing by(7) him, and encouraging him to continue doing his homework during his loneliest times. He hopes that after entering junior high school, they will still be classmates and good friends, and that each one of them will achieve success in the future.

Chen Xue-Guan will be presented the Award by President Ma Ying-jeou in the middle of July. If he could speak out, he would thank the President for giving him an opportunity to help his own family. He also hopes that the President can take care of those who are in need.

The President Educational Award is used by the Ministry of Education to reward those who face adversities, yet still work hard to make progress, to be positive in learning, to have the spirit of helping others, and to be dedicated,(8) pious(9) and friendly. This also rewards those who have good influence on the society and who are outstanding in language, art, traditional crafts and skills, science, and sports.

According to Ministry of Education's proclamation,(10) there were 12 winners from the general and vocation high school group, 17 winners from the junior high school group, and 17 winners from the elementary school group. The President Educational Award of 2009 rewarded a total of 46 people. Winners will be Awarded a certificate of merit and a trophy.(11) In addition, winners from the general and vocation high school group will be rewarded 200 thousand NT dollars, winners from the junior high school group will be rewarded 150 thousand NT dollars, and winners from the elementary school group will be rewarded 100 thousand NT dollars. All winners will be directly awarded by President MA in the middle of July as an encouragement.

■1. grader-(n)學校第~年級學生。使用時前方必需加上定冠詞the及序數。
■2. adversity-(n)厄運、逆境,災難、災禍。
■3. help (out) with-幫忙支付~。
■4. attentiveness-(n)關注;注意。
■5. with regard to-關於。
■6. be diligent in-勤奮、勤勉於~。
■7. stand by-支持;幫助。
■8. dedicated-(adj.)專注的,獻身的。
■9. pious-(adj.)虔誠的,好心的。
■10. proclamation-(n)宣布,公布,聲明書。
■11. trophy-(n)獎品,勝利紀念品,戰利品。

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