新聞英文解析 政府對中捷事件祭出111萬重罰

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The operator of a construction site in Taichung, where a crane boom fell onto a nearby MRT track, was fined NT$1.11 million (US$36,170) for citing the severity of the injuries and loss of life.


*crane boom:(n.)起重機吊臂

The accident that left one passenger dead and 10 others injured on Wednesday. A 52-year-old assistant law professor at Providence University and also an indigenous rights activist surnamed Lin (林), became trapped under the carriage when the accident occurred and was found without vital signs. She was pronounced dead from head trauma later. Ten other passengers injured in the collision, including a Canadian, were rushed to local hospitals, nine were discharged.

周三發生的事故導致一名乘客死亡,另有 10人受傷,一名52歲林姓靜宜大學法學助理教授暨原住民權利活動家,於事故發生時被困在車廂下,被發現已無生命跡象,稍後宣告頭部重創不治。另有十名碰撞中受傷乘客,包括一名加拿大人,被火速送往當地醫院,九名已經出院。

*assistant professor:(n.)助理教授
*vital signs:(n.)生命跡象

The crash not only left passengers terrified but also shut down service on the Green Line. A 250-person crew completed repairs lasting 18 hours. The operation was completed roughly at 4:30 a.m. on Thursday. After the damaged train, which had derailed in the accident, was towed away from the tracks. The TMRT did the dynamic testing to confirm that trains could travel safely, and then that trains were announced to resume at 6 o'clock. Based on preliminary estimates, 20,000 passengers are affected.



The city government and labor ministry have both hit the construction firm with heavy penalties respectively on Highwealth Construction, which is responsible for the construction project near Feng-le Park Station on the Green Line. The labor ministry imposed NT$300,000 (US$9,774) fine, while the city wrote a NT$810,000 for violating the Building Act, for a total of NT$1.11 million.

勞動部和台中市政府分別對負責綠線豐樂公園站附近建設項目的華威建設處以新台幣30 萬元(合9,774美元)罰款和81萬元的違法建築法的罰款,總計111萬元。

*construction firm:(n.)營建公司;建商

*is responsible for:為…負責

Meanwhile, prosecutors have directed the police to collect evidence and investigated whether it was a case that involves death by negligence. Additionally, Taichung MRT chairman, Lin Liang-tay said on Thursday (May 11) that TMRT would file suit against the construction company responsible for a deadly crash on Wednesday (May 10) to seek over NT$200 million (US$6,498,000) in compensation and review the relevant emergency response procedures for accidents.

同時,檢方已指示警方收集證據,調查是否屬於過失致死案件。此外,台中捷運公司董事長林良泰週四(5月11日)表示,將對周三(5 月10日)發生致命事故的建築公司提起訴訟,追討逾2億新台幣(6,498,000美元)的賠償,並檢討相關事故應急處理程序。


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