To welcome 2009 and to spread love to the world, Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation on December 7 organized the "Year-end Benediction Ceremony 2008" for Kinmen. Over 800 believers were enlightened and blessed by the master to inspire love and deeds in their heart. Lastly, believers attending the ceremony prayed for the purity of the human soul, the harmony of society, and the peace of earth in the coming year.


The year-end benediction ceremony organized by the Kinmen Co-practice Division, Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation at the Performance Hall, Kinmen Cultural Affairs Bureau, at 2:00 pm on December 7. Over 800 believers, including Director Ta-peng Chen of Kinmen County Datung Home, participated in the ceremony hosted by Masters Teching and Techien of Still Thoughts Hall to pray for the well being of Kinmen.


The theme for the year-end thanksgiving activity is "Thanksgiving-Respect-Love: Think Quietly and Practice the Path Diligently-The Secular Road of Tzu Chi." The foundation encouraged people to love and respect one another, to practice the new life movement of "denying self and returning to propriety" in order to cohere public welfare through the merciful thoughts of people.


Activities in the ceremony included community children sign language show, short drama, Chinese Buddhist Canon reading, and distribution of fortune and wisdom red packet, wishing all can maintain an open mind and uphold mercy in order to build a happy future life together.


Masters Teching and Techien expressed the concern for Kinmen believers from Dharma Master Cheng Yen and led believers to pray for the purity of the human soul, harmony of society, and peace on earth. They also wished the good health and wisdom of all participants and their family. The ceremony was filled with warmth.


During the benediction, Master Techien expressed that with the support of believers, Tzu Chi could spread love to the world and send love to where it was needed most over the past forty years or so. She added that as the earth was badly damaged, she wished that everybody could love value and cherish earth by supporting the Tzu Chi Great Love activities.


She mentioned that Tzu Chi would continue the new life movement of "denying self and returning to propriety", and hoped that believers could overcome their desires and learn how to value and make benedictions, so that everybody could re-find the Tzu Chi spirit during the bamboo section period, and to dedicatedly express their mercy and kind thoughts, and do good things.


At the year-end benediction ceremony, the deeds of Tzu Chi volunteer workers practicing Buddhism on earth were reviewed to witness how Tzu Chi volunteer workers cultivated the vigor of community love in dif ferent parts of the world. They were grateful for the peace and health that was brought to them over the past year and wished that everybody could mediate on how to practice the path in Buddhist dharma and establish the wisdom in life, and promote love in this sinful world to soothe the suffering public. Lastly, every participant went on to receive the benediction from the masters who also gave them a meaningful blessing and wisdom red packet and bag. Everyone prayed devoutly for the inspiration of love and mercy in our heart, the purity of human soul, the peace of society, and the harmony of all kinds, and welcomed the advent of a new year.


The Kinmen Co-practicing Division also hoped that the ceremony could express their warmest wishes to volunteer workers and Tzu Chi members who have been serving society throughout the year. In addition to praying for the well being and good luck in the coming year, they wished that with the benediction, preaching, Tzu Chi cultural shows, and prayer, participants could feel the concern, mercy, and love from Tzu Chi, so that they could practice "speak nicely, think positively, and do honestly".


The culture of Tzu Chi was also introduced at the ceremony, including the sales of meditative objects, books, classic magazines, and environmental bowls and chopsticks. The Kinmen Co-practicing Division spares no pain to promote resource recycling and environmental protection, wishes that Kinmen citizens can join the Tzu Chi environmental volunteer team and to value and cherish Kinmen, the home of everybody, in order to ensure the tidiness and cleanliness of Kinmen with the most devout minds of all Kinmen citizens.


  • 金城分銷處
    金門縣金城鎮民族路90號 金城分銷處地圖
  • 金湖分銷處
    金門縣金湖鎮山外里山外2-7號 金湖分銷處地圖
  • 金沙分銷處
    金門縣金沙鎮官嶼里官澳36號 金沙分銷處地圖
  • 金寧分銷處
    金門縣金湖鎮武德新莊118號 金寧分銷處地圖
  • 烈嶼分銷處
    金門縣烈嶼鄉后頭34之1號 烈嶼分銷處地圖
  • 金山分銷處
    金門縣金城鎮民族路92號 金山分銷處地圖
  • 夏興分銷處
    金門縣金湖鎮夏興84號 夏興分銷處地圖