Cautious of Enterovirus



 Six enterovirus(1) cases have been reported at two schools in Kinmen recently. Two classes in one of the schools have been forced to start a seven-day class suspension.(2) Among the six cases reported, they were all slight infections, instead of critical ones.

No critical infectious cases have been reported in Kinmen so far, but the Health Bureau has already received six slight infectious(3) cases. Two classes in one of the kindergartens have reached the standard for suspending classes. There is also one case reported by an elementary school. Once the school discovers a student being infected by the enterovirus, according to regulation, the school has to report to the Education Bureau and the Health Bureau of Kinmen County Government, and meanwhile start up(4) campus epidemic(5) control, with intensified(6) cleaning, sterilization(7) of classrooms, and educating students about the importance of washing their hands.

The Health Bureau has started touring(8) each elementary school, kindergarten and daycare center since April fifteenth to propagate(9) an important anti-enterovirus activity—joyous hand-washing which teaches children wisdom.

Director-general of Health Bureau, Chen Tien- Shuan, pointed out that enterovirus hits its high between April and October each year. Among all types of enteroviruses, infantile(10) paralysis(11) virus is the only type that can be prevented through vaccination.(12) There is no effectual(13) way to elevate(14) the immunity(15) of other types of enterovirus, let alone(16) the complete immunity to the enterovirus. Plus, there are various types of viruses and each has its own specification, so it is hard to prevent its path of infection.All we can do is follow a good nutritious(17) diet and exercise more to keep our immune system in the best condition and avoid going to crowded public places.By washing hands more thoroughly and frequently, maintaining personal hygiene(18) and putting the preventive practices in our daily lives, we can efficiently eliminate contracting the enterovirus.

Chen Tien- Shuan also pointed out that enterovirus often infects children under five. Once a child in the family is sick, we should take them to the doctor to make sure he is oris not infected by enterovirus, and accept mandatory(19) treatment if needed. The child should be kept at home for at least one week and also take in more water and nutrients. Mr. Chen is calling for both adults and children to wash their hands more frequently to prevent the infection. If four omens(20) of severe infection is discovered in a child, including “hypersomnia”,(21) ”myoclonic jerk”,(22) ”tachypnoea(23) or racing heartbeat”, and ”rising brain pressure and constant vomiting”, please take the child immediately to the hospital to avoid the possible lethal(24) tragedy caused by critical enterovirus infection.
1. enterovirus—(n)腸病毒。
2. suspension—(n)暫停、中止。此處指停課。
3. infectious—(adj.)傳染性的,有感染力的。名詞是
4. start up—展開~。
5. epidemic—(adj.)傳染的,流行性的。
6. intensified—此處為intensify的分詞,當形容詞使用,
7. sterilization—(n)殺菌、消毒。
8. tour—(vt.)巡迴、巡視。
9. propagate—(vt.)傳播、使普及。亦指繁殖或遺傳。
10. infantile—(adj.)幼稚的,嬰兒的。
11. paralysis—(n)麻痺。infantile paralysis就是「小兒
12. vaccination—(n)(疫苗)接種,牛痘。
13. effectual—(adj.)有效果的,奏效的;有法律效力的。
14. elevate—(vt.)提高,振奮、舉起。
15. immunity—(n)免疫力。形容詞是immune,
而immune system即免疫系統。
16. let alone—更別提~;遑論。
17. nutritious—(adj.)有營養的。名詞是nutrition,指營養,
18. hygiene—(n)衛生;衛生學,保健法。
19. mandatory—(adj.)命令的、指令的、強制的、義務的。
20. omen—(n)預兆、兆頭。
21. hypersomnia—(n)極度嗜睡。
22. myoclonic jerk—(n)入睡之後肌肉出現抽搐的症狀指,
23. tachypnoea—(n)呼吸急促。
24. lethal—(adj.)致命的,毀滅性的。


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